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Studying medicine can lead to a sought-after career in healthcare – but first sixth-form students have to get accepted onto what can be a competitive and demanding course. For anyone hoping to follow a career in medicine or dentistry, the competition for university places is fierce, and increasing year on year. Due to government quotas and combined high West European requirements (Numerus Clausus), studying in Eastern Europe has become a great alternative.

Through our cooperation with multiple European universities, we are able to help international students enroll in different programs such as General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy or Veterinary Medicine.

"MCV.Vermittlung" is a German registered company, specialized in medical student recruitment. We are fully aware of the application process and will make sure that all applications are processed quickly and successfully.

Why study medicine in European Union?

Studying medicine is unbelievably competitive because there are only a limited number of places available. Generally, it is very difficult for a non-EU student to be admitted into West European countries. Due the lack of possibilities to study in their own countries, there are many German, French or British students that are currently "going east" to fulfil their dream of studying medicine. We are working with many universities with a long tradition in medicine (some going back few 100's years) and we help the EU students to start the study immediately.

We are only working with universities from European Union, where all the degrees are internationally recognized, regardless of the country in which you graduated.

Other benefits:

- Study fees are low, starting from €4,500 per year
- As there’s no Numerus Clausus, the acceptance rate is significantly higher than in other western European countries
- The study is conducted in English
- The qualifications/ degrees are internationally recognized
- Practice oriented study with valuable international experience