Our History

MCV.Vermittlung was established in 2012 in Traunreut, a multicultural city in Bavaria, as a centre which provides counselling on options to school-leavers and young adults seeking advice on further education and training. MCV.Vermittlung was founded on this philosophy to provide a service for student and adults looking for continuing their education pathways in an academical or a vocational direction.

Our founders

MCV.Vermittlung was founded by Mr. Marius Pislea. Because of the increasing number of requests from our German and international clients, Mrs. Claudia Pislea and Mr. Stefan Heinrich joined our panel of education counsellors.

Experience and reputation

We have been working in International Education and Admission services since 2012. Within this time we have built up a reputation as being one of the best and most trusted agency operating in Germany. 

Our Development

From a single office in Traunreut, MCV.Vermittlung has grown and expanded. As well as our Head Office in Traunreut, we have now representatives working for us in different countries, providing high valuable services to the students we have orientated to international universities.

Our Philosophy

Honesty, reliability, friendliness, and above all transparency are throughout the application process at the top. For students choosing to study in European countries, we ensure that we only work with education providers that can offer a high standard of academic achievement and student support, and we would maintain regular contact with our students. Likewise, we give utmost importance to our local services and support. Our selected representatives are in close contact with the local registration offices and universities to accelerate the application process and to assist the respective candidates in study and examination matters. The integration of our clients in a foreign country and the associated approach to other cultures are very important to us.